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Under Canvas crew are camp setup champs! We setup Glamping tents and campsites.  Think hotel room inside of a wall tent.  We are looking for a LEADER who can run a crew of 6-12 awesome, hard working men and women. Crew members travel to company camp sites and events located in beautiful landscapes around the country. If you have a positive, friendly attitude, enjoy traveling, working hard,and spending a lot of time outdoors, while also upholding amazing leadership skills-we want to hear from you! 

 Manager responsibilites:

-Run crew of 6-12, coordinating scheduling, travel, logistics, housing, etc.

-Meet scheduling demands of Opperations

-Becoming a manager will hinge on a trial run as a crew member. After a succesfull few weeks on the crew-if manager promotion is warranted, it shall be yours

Crew responsibilities:
● Setup and takedown of events and permanent camps
● Organize and plan for proper tools and resources to complete job tasks
● Track inventory, proper storage, and condition of equipment - Immediately report any
damaged tents that need to be repaired or replaced

● Drive crew or equipment correctly and safely
● Track time and expenses accurately
● Attend company trainings and adhere to all safety practices and best methods for tent set up
and management of equipment

Production duties:
● Process orders from the sales team while carefully adhering to policies for inspection and
quality control
● Internal production and assembly, build-out, shipping, and tracking of equipment

Expectations and Job Requirements
● Exceptional attention to detail, quality, and time management
● Ability to recognize potential hazards early - avoid them, and work in a safe manner
● Ability to follow instructions carefully, ask questions when in doubt, and get the details right
● Accurately keep track of time, progress, and inventory
● Quickly communicate any issues and proactively contribute to resolutions
● Prepared to work AND THRIVE in challenging work conditions including, but not limited to:
weather, travel, deadlines, special requests, changed plans, and equipment issues
● Necessary attributes include: hustle, grit, and a sense of urgency to get the job done quickly
● Ability to work well as a team and maintain positive energy with challenging dynamics
● Flexibility to work within a changeable and/or on-call work schedule, working long hours if
● Displays a high degree of professionalism in any situation
● Transport staff and equipment safely in company vehicles
● Adhere to Under Canvas chain of command
● Properly maintain trucks, equipment, and tools
● Smartphone, computer, and technological capabilities

Required Skills
● General construction and mechanical skills 
● Ability to troubleshoot and repair mechanical faults
● Ability to prioritize
● Attention to detail

● Ability to follow instructions
● Email, word processing, and communications skills

Physical & Mental Demands
● Heavy lifting and physical tasks (60lb min)
● Long hours working in rugged outdoor terrain and adverse weather conditions
● Keeping accurate lists and mentally pro-active
● High level of communication during high demand workloads

Travel Requirements
● Extensive travel to/from permanent camps, events, and other work-related locations.
● Accommodations can include rustic wilderness camping, hotels, and staff trailers

● Driving large trailers


If you work hard and play hard, you will be a great fit! Prefer manager/leadership experience! 

Under Canvas
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